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  • Servers are wide open to the internet with no authentication.

  • Backdoor „service“ passwords on systems are published in easily obtained service manuals.

  • Some devices have nothing even resembling security.

Nowadays challenges

  • Increased usage of Third Party Products. Commercial and Open Source.

  • Standalone Devie Vulnerabilities – Firmware can be maliciously altered and uploaded, replacing authentic file.

  • …. you name it

Where do we
see a need for

Understanding problem before
implementing solution

Proactively identify potential security
threats and address them prior to production

Testing as early as possible and
throughout lifecycle

Pushing understanding and demand
for security further

Why Threat Modeling?

Avoid introducing vulnerabilities

Brings solid foundation for building secure and safety solutions addressing confidentiality, integrity and availability

Identify vulnerabilities in an existing solution

Threat modeling with STRIDE

STRIDE is an acronym for the threat types of Spoofing, Tampering, Repudiation, Information disclosure, Denial of Service, and Elevation of privilege

More important than fitting a threat to a category is using the model to help you describe the threat and design an effective mitigation.

Cyber Security Modeling

Where we are today and where we are heading

Take a look at our Cyber Security Modeling Video from Bob Hruska.

In this video you get updatet about:

  • how to build up a security culture to save money and reputation
  • what are the challenges
  • why should we care
  • an introduction to Threat Modeling
  • a demo with EA
  • and much more

Use the best tool to build up your Cyber Security future

The newest release of our reliable, feature-rich, flexible and comprehensive modeling tool for the entire development process.

Learn how to use the EA as your modeling platform and how to integrate EA into your tool chain.

ISBN 13 978-3-9503784-1-2

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Threat Modeling for Specific Industries


Generic rules for potential threat analysis
Download it here!

Coming Soon in Collaboration with AIT

ThreatGet for Automotive
ThreatGet for  Aviation
ThreatGet for  Transportation
ThreatGet for  Critical Infrastructure (e.g. energy sector)
ThreatGet for Internet of Things (ISO27000)

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